Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Atlantic Sky=Betty Beaty.............An M&B Classic

These last few days I've been reading Betty Beaty's 'The Atlantic Sky'.The title has made it to the Mills & Boon Classics Series.The book was first published in 1957 and is an excellent read if you are in the mood for an old fashioned romance starring one high-handed,interfering,training-captain named Robert Prentice and the young,over-awed,stewardess-in-training ,Patsy Aylmer. Once you start reading this book,it's easy to relax and get lost in the aviation world of a bygone era,a time without pervasive computer systems,without cell phones,without white-boards and airports without massive security.It's easy to identify with young Patsy and her longing to become a stewardess,her anguished wait for her interview results ,her uncertainities and insecurities ,her struggles to cope with her training,the stress of her first flight,her eagerness to explore New York and most importantly her efforts to understand Captain Prentice.it's easy to see something of our younger selves in Patsy.The book is really tame by today's standards but if you are a long time reader of romances like me and have the hankering for M&B's as they used to be,this is a nice title to add to your collection ,if you can track down a copy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pride and Prejudice----Evergreen Classic

This week I had enough of thrillers and felt like a bit of romance,so I picked up an old favourite--Jane Austin's 'Pride and Prejudice'.I first read this book as a post-graduate student in college.It was then part of the syllabus of my MA course.Since then I have read the book four times and each time I have been able to lose myself in the magic of the book.The central characters of this Early Nineteenth Century novel are two very determined individuals Mr.Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet "Lizzie".Their love story is set amidst balls,provincial gossip,drawing room intrigues,people vying  for matrimonial catches,the scandal of an elopment and misunderstandings arising from pride and prejudice.The clash and awakening romance between Lizzie and Darcy and the story of how they overcome various challenges and grow to understand and appreciate each other more,is extremely emotionally fulfilling.However ,what sets Pride and Prejudice apart from an M&B is the fine delineation of characters,not just the main ones but also the supporting characters.So,we have a match-making mamma, a critical husband,one studious sister,an unassertive sister,a couple of giddy younger sisters,a pompous cousin,a rascally Wickham,a sensible aunt and uncle,an easily influenced friend,a patronizing Lady Catherine de Bourgh,etc.The interaction of the whole host of characters brings alive the period,the interaction of the social classes then and social mores of the time.The book is an intelligent read.Also as the language is simple and modern the book is easy to read and enjoy.So if you have not yet read this amazing book,don't miss it,or you will really be missing out on something great.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Total Control=David Baldacci......Disappointing,give it a miss.

A hi-tech company being taken over by another,an employee disappearing with vital data and then being blamed for a plane crash,his attorney wife frantically trying to clear his name and at the same time keep her parents, daughter and herself safe while chasing an encrypted CD,a mis-sent e-mail with the encryption key,a killer,corporate villans,the FBI ,etc.go to make a book with many twists and turns.But I didn't really enjoy the book.The computer terminology went over my head and drove me to refer to the dictionery.Furthermore,too many sub-plots killed any little reading pleasure that might have survived.By the time I had read half the book I was completely lost and later on I skip read the book to be done with it.I regret the time and money I spent on the book.My only gain from the book was learning a few technical terms and I can think of many more Interesting ways of picking up such knowledge.I recommend giving this book a pass.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wild Justice =Pillip Margolin.....An Absolute Must Read

Hello!For my first post I picked Wild Justice by Phillip Margolin.I rate it as a must reed if you are looking for a thriller.It has elements of medical and courtroom suspense.

Here is my experience with the book.Phillip Margolin was absolutely new to me.My daughter picked up this title in the US.I let the book lie on my shelf for a while as my normal preference is for romances.But last Monday night I picked the book as a bed-time read.I popped up my pillows,switched on the bed-side lamp and settled down to reading the book.However,soon the unexpected pace and events of the book so terrified me so that I startled at every sound and repeatedly checked round the room to be certain I was safe in my cocoon.I was covered with goosebumps and soon my heart-beats were so erratic I decided to stop.Quickly and reluctantly,I marked the page,covered my face and tried to sleep with the lights on.Early the next morning,surrounded by the safe sounds of daily life,I finished the book.

Now,even though a whole week has gone by,I can still recall every incident in the book.The book is fast paced and the events keep rolling in non-stop.The characters are chillingly scary and the suspense keeps building up while the killer goes about his business with keen precision.The book is skillfully written and with the many twists and turns in the story-line you are bound to keep guessing till the end.I think I'll check out Phillip Margolin's other books.If anyone had read them please tell me your experience with them.And for other for whom the book is new I recommend it without reservations.Pick it up,be scared!Enjoy!